Founded in 2002, CPA Group is a swiss high-tech industrial holding of 5 industrial companies, 1 industrial park and 1 business incubator.


Supporting, industrializing & promoting disruptive technologies

Combining, with its sister companies, the strength of a group with the flexibility of start-ups.

Providing shared services to its companies

    • Human Resources
    • Finance & Accounting
    • IT/IS
    • Business Development
    • Marketing and Communication Services



1999    Founding of CPAutomation SA
2001   Founding of Solvix SA
2002   Founding of the Holding CPA Group SA
    New building, Z.I. du Vivier 21, Villaz-St-Pierre
2007   Founding of Asyril SA
2009   Building renovation, Z.I. du Vivier 21, Villaz-St-Pierre
2010   Founding of CPA Technology (MY)
    Launch of building construction, Z.I. du Vivier 20-22 Villaz-St-Pierre
2011   Acquisition of regenHU SA
    Founding of Le Vivier SA
    Founding of Venturi Incubateur SA
2012   Founding of ViDi-Systems SA
    Founding of regenHU SA spin-off Vivos Dental AG
    Solvix SA sold to Advanced Energy Inc.
2014   Acquisition of BS-Optics SA
2017   ViDi Systems SA sold to Cognex Corporation Inc
    Integration of BS-Optics in CPAutomation